Aug 6, 2021

17 Baseball Partners with Playbook365


We are excited to announce that 17 Tournaments has partnered with the Playbook365 registration, roster, and scheduling platform. We have seen tremendous growth in the last two seasons, and we believe this new platform is going to help us provide an even better experience for our coaches, parents, and players.

You are one of the first to receive this announcement since we have you listed as a team contact from last year. Your account has already been created for you with last year's team assigned to it. On your first order at, you can choose a tournament, login with the credentials provided to you at checkout, and choose the Pay Later option.


Even though we are the least expensive option in the area, for our loyal coaches, we are offering 33% off your first order if you order before next Friday, August 13th. You can use discount code PLAY33, and you will get the 33% off on as many tournaments as you want to sign up for by Friday, August 13th. So, if you purchase at least three tournaments, one of them will be FREE!!


Please reach out to Chad Parker at for your login credentials. Once you are logged in just click the key icon at the bottom of the menu to reset your password.

You can view a list of our upcoming tournaments at and begin registering now. At checkout, you can assign the teams we migrated over to each event or add a new team if needed. Notice that our new checkout process will let you register multiple teams for multiple events at the same time. All you need to do is make sure you assign the correct team to each event/division. No payment is required at this time to register. Select the Pay Later option and we'll email you instructions in a few weeks about how to pay online.


  1. Coaches only need to enter jersey number & player names when adding players
  2. Coaches will receive an email with instruction to send to the parents
  3. Parents must register their player and fill out the player's profile to be included on a roster
  4. The parent/player registration process helps us communicate with your parents / players and build out complete profiles
  5. Over the Fall and Winter the platform will continue to build out new features for you and your parents!


  • Easier roster setup
  • Improved player profiles that track game history and progression
  • New portal for scout access
  • Team profiles show performance from season to season
  • Streamlined processes for club/team admins & coaches
  • Better communication between tournament directors and coaches / parents / players
  • Game stats on team and player profiles (coming 2022)


If you have any technical questions about the new platform, the staff at Playbook365 is available via email to help us through this onboarding process.

For event related questions, please email

Thanks for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you at the fields this Fall !!!!

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